Join me as Amanda Kahl and I chat with Tim and Kristin Devine from Dice Up Games as we talk about The North Sea Epilogues RPG from Garphill Games.

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Tiny Dungeon 2e campaign - Episode #8 "Just Hang in There"

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Join me and Ed Smith Cartoonist at Large as we chat with Scott Proulx from Double Midnight Comics. Scott is also one of the owners of Granite State Comic Con. Granite State Comic Con is taking place September 8th & 9th in Manchester, NH for the 16th year consecutive year and VCG will be there!

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Join me and Kent Blue from Roll to Play podcast as we chat with the co-founder of Magpie Games, Brendan Conway! Magpie Games has a Kickstarter for Zombie World, a card based tabletop RPG.
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